Becoming a member of any political party in the UK requires the right amount of experience and the locality’s support to assure the party of your leadership skills. Becoming a part of a political party is not difficult. You can get the membership of a party in a day, and you can start taking initiatives as a party member, but you need to get your official membership application approved by the part to receive the perks that official party members get. Here are the requirements that these political parties look for in new candidates.

Liberal Democrats

Liberal Democrats

Joining the Liberal Democrats party has no minimum age requirements and is open to all who agree with the party’s fundamental values and goals. The membership is open to all without discrimination to age, ethnicity, religion, disability, and gender. The application needs to get accepted by the local party. You can become a member with a £12 fee per year. However, you can always donate more to support the cause of the party. The students get a concession of having the membership for only £1 for the first year. The party encourages us to pay more with a recommended £70. For a member to receive the benefits of the part, the membership requires a minimum of £6 per year.

Conservative Party

No age requirements are needed to join the Conservative party, but you need to be at least 15 years old to take part as a full voting member. The application gets reviewed by the party and its constituency associations for approval. There are three different membership tiers with ranging fee. The standard membership will cost £25 for a year. The members can attend the annual party conferences and receive the voting rights in party elections after completing three months in the party. If you are under 23, you can join the party for £5 per year and receive the same standard benefits. The candidates who have served in the armed forces can become a member for £15 per year.

The Green PartyThe Green Party

The Green Party has no age limit for people to become a member of the association, and all the members under the age of 30 can automatically become a member. On becoming a member of the party, you receive voting rights in the internal elections. You can also get updates for the party campaigns and get invited to every Green Party event. Their main goal is to fight for climate justice, which is attracting a lot of young candidates who support the cause. There are special perks for those under the age of 30 under the scheme ‘30 under 30’. You can be a member under the standard membership with £36 a year. For the low-waged candidates, the fee is £12 for a year, and those who are living outside of England and Wales can get the membership for £6 a year.