Are you planning to finally use your years of experience and knowledge in public welfare and politics to use? Joining a political party can be easy, but you need to take a few extra steps to have your membership application approved so you can enjoy the perks of being at a party. Once you are a Member of Parliament, you can state a stand for your community and represent your region and its problems. Here are the four steps to becoming an MP in the UK.

Pick a party

The UK has a multi-party political system where you can join any one of the parties to become eligible to put your candidature for elections. Make your choice of joining a party based on their history in public service, perks, current progress, and future expectations from the party. Find a party that can reflect your values. The Liberal Democrats, Conservatives, Democratic Unionist Party, Green Party, Women’s Equality Party, and Plaid Cymru are some of the party options you can consider.


Join the party

You will join your choice of the party as a member. Generally, you will need to serve a period in the party before you can apply for the candidature of MP. You will also pay an insignificant annual fee to keep being a part of the party. As a member of the party, you will get access to take part in campaigning events and party conferences. You can also help in reviewing and shaping the party’s policies and elect its administration.

Work to get support

As a party member, you can apply for candidate training and get the right guides online to learn how you can become a potential candidate. You can also enjoy cross-party initiatives to learn new things and gain fresh skills. Help the other candidates that are seeking elections. Once you have the right confidence over the work and responsibilities of an MP, you are ready for the next step.

Apply for MP

Apply for MP

When you are ready to apply for your candidate for MP, you need to check these requirements to meet the minimum legal criteria. You should be over 18 years, a British citizen, or a citizen of a Commonwealth country and the Republic of Ireland. You need to get nominated by at least ten parliamentary electors of the constituency of your choice. You will also pay a £500 deposit along with the nomination papers. You can get this money back if you get over 5% of the total vote cast. Your party may have the policy to pay these fees. Be ready with references that provide you as a worthy candidate with high-level skills, qualifications, and experience of knowing the roles of an MP.

Once you successfully become a member of parliament, you will run your own election campaign that will be supported by your local party. As a candidate, you will be expected to raise funds for the party and also take part in all the promotional events.